9 December: what a holiday today

St George’s day

Every year on 9 December, Orthodox believers celebrate the anniversary of the consecration of the Church of St. George the victorious in Kiev. As you know, George is considered one of the most revered saints. One of the most famous posthumous miracles of Saint George killing a serpent with a spear in Beirut. According to legend, when the monster is at the mercy of gave the king’s daughter, was George on horseback and pierced the snake with a spear.


The international day against corruption

December 9, at the initiative of the United Nations marks the international day of fight against corruption (International Day Against Corruption). On this day in 2003 in the Mexican city of Merida has signed the UN Convention against corruption. The document obliges the signatory States to declare a criminal offence of bribery, embezzlement of budget funds and laundering of corruption proceeds.

Second Sunday of advent

According to the Catholic tradition of the second Sunday of advent is celebrated exactly one week after the first Sunday of advent. On this day people light a Candle of prophecy and the second candle in the advent wreath — Bethlehem candle. The Bethlehem candle represents the coming to earth of Jesus, the son of God, born of the virgin Mary. This bright symbol of readiness to meet the Christ child.

International day of remembrance of genocide victims

In September 2015 the UN General Assembly, in its resolution (A/RES/69/323) declared 9 December as the International day of remembrance of the victims of the crime of genocide, honoring their dignity and the prevention of this crime (International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime). The date was chosen because on this day in 1948 the General Assembly adopted the Convention on the prevention of the crime of genocide and punishment for it.

The day of charity in Ukraine

Every year on the second Sunday of December, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of charity. It is a national holiday dedicated to all people who are engaged in charitable activities, was established by the decree of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko No. 1220/2007 of 13 December 2007.

Name day on this day

Athanasius, Basil, George, Daniel, Ivan, Ilya, Innocent, Michael, Nazar, Nicholas, Peter, Tikhon, Yulian, Yakov.


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