A carpet of dollars: Ukrainian top officials caught in blatant fraud ships

Yuriy Lutsenko told about the arrest of the official who decided to sell the Ukrainian ship at a reduced price. For this he was to receive a considerable amount – more than 7 million UAH. This was attorney General wrote on his page in Facebook.

Takers Friday
Advisor to the General Director of PJSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” and a representative of the First Ukrainian…

Geplaatst door Yuriy Lutsenko op Vrijdag 7 december 2018

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that yesterday, 7 December, was the detention of the adviser of the General Director of OJSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” and the representative of the First Ukrainian interregional commodity exchange. The man received a bribe of $260 000. About this he wrote on his page in the social network.

The attorney General said, for which he received a cash “reward” the official said.

“Takers Friday. Advisor to General Director of JSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” and a representative of the First Ukrainian interregional commodity exchange as a result of fraud underestimated by 30% the price of a marine vessel m/V “Nikolay Savitskiy”, 1988 year, the city of Korneuburg, Austria, belongs to the state,” – said Lutsenko.

Thus, it became known that the attackers suggested a specific citizen to acquire a vessel through foreclosure. That is, without an auction and at a reduced cost. Lutsenko added that the attackers were caught red-handed when receiving the first tranche of $100,000.

Previously, we reported that the financial experts still concerned about the situation which has developed in the currency market of Ukraine, because the exchange offices and banks massively flooded counterfeit money.

The report says that the fifth part of the shadow in the country is counterfeit bills. Most often scammers fake hryvnia large denominations of 200 and 500 notes.

According to financial expert Basil Nevmerzhitskiy, the most counterfeited Ukrainian currency.

We will remind, the citizen of Japan tried to exchange money in one of the currency exchangers in the city center and ran into the Grand deception.

Before Know.Eeyore wrote that a bribe of 300 dollars offered to pay off the fine of 17 thousand UAH official Rivne customs not cleared car owner.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the scandal with the fake Euro, which tried to settle in the Czech Republic, the people’s Deputy from the Radical party and the Deputy Oleg Lyashko Andrey Lozovoy, continues to acquire new details.


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