A guy proposed to his beloved. They hugged, and the girl was expelled from the University

The girl, who is studying in the Egyptian al-Azhar University, was expelled for hugs with a guy. In a network there was a touching video in which her beloved man gives her flowers, stands before her on one knee and makes a proposal of marriage. Girl overjoyed agreed. Happy the guy got up, hugged his bride and picked up.

This movie saw the leadership of the University. The girl decided to expel him. Reason – violation of the rules of the UNIVERSITY. The thing is that she cuddled with her fiance on campus at one of the campuses. The student has the right to appeal the decision of the leadership of the institution in the disciplinary Commission.

Al-Azhar is one of the oldest universities in the world and also one of the most prestigious Muslim spiritual educational institutions. He has emerged as a madrasah at the al-Azhar mosque in 970 and was approved by the Fatimids (Muslim dynasty of caliphs) after 12 years. Due to its convenient location (Cairo is located at the junction of Africa and Asia) here studied a lot of foreigners. First, the training took place in the courtyard of the mosque. But due to the increase in the number of foreign students has decided on the construction of special premises. The training system included sessions with visiting professors and scholarships for the best students.

Nowadays the University is a kind of brand of Egypt. Even mentioned in the Constitution. It is the largest higher education institution in the Arab East. Every year there are students from more than hundred countries of the world.

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