A new console from Sony got hacked in just a few seconds: video

The start of the PlayStation Classic was not very successful, but craftsmen were able to add even more fuel to the fire of discontent users. As it turned out, to access the emulator settings do not need to have virtuoso skills, you just connect the keyboard and the console will reveal its secrets. Recall that the prefix is not appreciated by the audience. Poor optimization, a terrible picture, constant hangs and crashes of the games don’t make this console a good reputation.

recently Digital Foundry lamented the fact that the PlayStation Classic is a disappointment, including due to technical limitations and disappointingly low performance. In the case of conventional console or PC this problem would be to try to solve it using advanced settings, but this feature of the gadget is just not there. Most likely, the manufacturer wanted to save on production, in this regard, decided not to add additional functionality.

Author RETRO GAMING channel ARTS published a video in which he demonstrates that a desired menu is still there, only access to it is hidden. The blogger and his colleague were able to access the menu of the emulator, once connected to the USB Classic keyboard and press ESC.

Perhaps the most interesting of the identified functions – change regions PAL and NTSC, which potentially should lead to the acceleration of the games. However, evidence that access to this functionality opens some really impressive features, yet.

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has again disgraced before the public. This time, she was caught in a blatant lie to users. It is reported that Samsung has launched an advertising campaign for the new smartphone. In the is flashed a good shot, supposedly taken with the new smartphone. Actually, the photo was taken with a professional camera, and even found the photographer.

Before Snaige reported that soon the market the smartphone can break a new smartphone from Xiaomi, it is Noted that it will be a Mix Xiaomi Mi 3s, which will receive the technology slider. Among other things, the device will receive as much as 12 GB of RAM, and a triple main camera and dual front.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the Korean company Samsung is preparing to release as much as 2 new smartphones. However, these models are only middle class, so nothing interesting of itself does not represent.


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