A terrible accident has paralyzed a road in Kiev: car flipped on roof level trolley

On the border of Shevchenko and Solomenskiy areas of Kiev as a result of breakage of the mains on the trolleybus line was a terrible accident with rollover cars.

This information misleading the Guards.Espresso.

Povitroflotskyi overpass was broken and sagging wires for electric trolleybuses.

The driver of the trolley told me that his alarm went off, which signalled the absence of voltage in the wires. He noticed that they sagged. Immediately stopping your vehicle and de-energized it, the driver put the emergency signs on the road and noticed the wire itself.

At the same time, the driver of Daewoo did not see the wire and hit him. Causing the car was thrown up on the roof of the trolleybus, and there was a rollover. Fortunately the driver of Lanos significant weren’t injured and refused hospitalization.

As a result of accident on the road in both directions was a small traffic jam. Movement of trolleybuses on this line was stopped. At the scene working emergency services and police.

We will remindthat the Deputy Commander of Land forces of VS of Ukraine the General-Lieutenant Sergey Krapivchenkov who got in an accident in the Nikolaev area decided to refuse hospitalization.

As a result of incident the Deputy commander of the Land forces was injured, but decided to refuse hospitalization. On the nature and severity received by the General injuries is unknown.

Soldier who was driving the General, received a closed head injury, chest injuries and other injuries. He was taken to the new Odessa Central regional hospital.

Tonight on the route N-24 “Nikolaev-the Annunciation” was a collision of two cars: Hyundai Terracan, Dawoo Lanos and MAN truck tractors with semi-trailer.

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