A Treaty of friendship with Russia: why an important decision was made after 5 years of war

Recently, BP adopted the draft law on the termination of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with the Russian Federation. Why Parliament decided to take this step into the 5th year of the war, not done this before, they tried to explain themselves.

As you know, according to the document, which Ukraine signed almost 10 years ago, both countries pledged to recognize the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity, as well as not to harm the safety of each other. Russia also has done exactly the opposite.

“The Russian Federation defiantly ignored the fundamental principles of the Treaty, in particular territorial integrity, carrying out armed aggression and applying military and economic pressure,” said Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Kyslytsya.

According to the Deputy Minister, Ukraine can no longer maintain any relationship with Russia, given the constant acts of aggression. The document proposed to end the friendship Treaty from April 1, 2019.

It was then that it takes 10 years of its operation. Most of the factions demanded that, starting in 2014. Opposition MPs criticized the presidential draft law and offer their own, but their essence is not yet completely clear.

“We stop the agreement with Russia is not clear from what reasons, because supposedly it ends. In his alternative bill propose to terminate the agreement because Russia has taken a number of aggressive actions against Ukraine”, – said the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko.

In turn, non-faction Deputy Andriy Ilyenko reported that it required termination of all contractual relations with the aggressor and considers that Ukraine should not have any treaties with Russia. The President’s representative in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko promised that “all the agreements with Russia will be reviewed”, but later.

“Even a unilateral cancellation of such contract is not provided. Our diplomats have repeatedly sent a note of protest, but Russia did not agree to termination,” – said Irina Lutsenko.

Despite the wave of criticism that rained down from all sides after this decision, the document will enter into force, and the contract will be cancelled from April 1 next year.

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Recall, the Verkhovna Rada considered a bill on the termination of the Agreement on friendship, cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.As reported by “Know.ia” Ukrainians showed major changes in areas where martial law was imposed. Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote in response to the aggression against Ukraine in the Azov sea, the seizure of our ships and sailors, almost all Russian banks may be disconnected from the international banking system SWIFT.


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