Advent 2018: how to replace ordinary products lean

Soybeans and products thereof

Soy makes a variety of meat substitutes (burgers, chops, goulash) and dairy products (milk, cheese). Soy many vitamins, this product is quickly and easily prepared by saturating the body with proteins. Soy is good for brain, blood vessels and improves the functioning of the whole organism.

Lean sausage

So, there is a lean sausage. But there are many different thickeners, dyes and fragrances, which are unlikely to improve your health.

Lean bread

Almost all bread is now really lean. It does not add any eggs or butter. But the composition is still worth a look. And if in doubt – take the bread.

Pasta and dumplings

Pasta can also be made lean, the important thing is not to take the egg noodles. And the other rarely eggs. But see that the composition was not egg powder. And if you take the pasta from flour of hard varieties, it is also healthier become.

With dumplings the same history. See, if buying. If you do not add the egg and cook them in water rather than milk. Very filling too, you can pick up a tasty and lean, the same potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cherries. Most importantly, without cheese and meat.

Margarine and spread

Spreads and margarine made from vegetable ingredients with no milk. But in some spreads added animal fat. Again, please check in the squad. In vegetable-cream spread is animal fat, it in the post don’t eat.

Lean mayonnaise

Often on the shelves of supermarket, you can celebrate the Lenten mayonnaise. Make it yourself a solid meal. After all, the real mayonnaise is based on eggs and a large amount of oil. And the one that is sold in the store is more of a sauce with the taste of mayonnaise. But also has the right to exist during lent.

Lenten pastries and sweets

During lent often you can even find vegetable cakes. And bread no eggs and milk. By the way, pure dark chocolate is also a vegetable product. But only if it has added milk. You can still treat yourself to marmalade, peanut brittle, halva.

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