Adventures of the twins: a creative mother has created an incredible photographic masterpieces while the kids slept. This has never been done

Most parents can not wait and quiet hours to get some rest from the worries and noise of children and bustle. Parent hours – holidays, when the kids are fast asleep – you must use the full, enjoying every minute of it. Who reads, who watches TV and who devotes time interesting hobby.

The heroine of our material in this amazing time creating funny pictures, which turn into whole stories.

Ayumi Omori (Ayumi Omori) from Japan to dress up and puts the sleeping twins in such a way that they show a certain thematic scene and the result is a funny song.

Ayumi has created a series of creative pictures, which he called the Adventures of twins. These children in the dream, fall into a very fun and interesting situation. In social networks, this idea mom so liking users that they look forward to the photo.

This fun photo project, probably, in the future, like his main characters.

The best photo twins sleeping:

By the way, Instagram users seem to have identified the most beautiful twins network: this title they, without hesitation, gave 7-year-old Ave Maria and Then rose. The girls became known in July 2017, when their mother Jackie made an account little beauties in Instagram.

When baby is 6 months old, the first time they have offered a modelling contract. However, on reflection, their mother realized that to combine raising three children and participating in the modeling is very difficult, so was forced to renounce a tempting offer.

When July 7, 2017, the twins turned 7 years old, Jackie saw this as a sign (7/7/2017). She uploaded a picture of my girls in Instagram, but had no idea how popular it will become.

Almost all the agents that contacted Jackie, wanted to meet girls. And just a few months the number of subscribers in Instagram with 15,000 increased to more than 150,000. Currently, they have 209 000 subscribers.

We will remind, the network showed touching photos of a beautiful girl surrounded by four-legged friends. They can’t just cause tenderness.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” in Australia found an unusual possum with a rare genetic mutation. Thanks to the unique yellow color it is very similar to Pikachu, a character from the popular cartoon.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote an interesting wild Fox have become wonderful models.


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