Aggression in the sea of Azov: the first country of the NATO have imposed sanctions against Russia

In connection with the Russian aggression in the Kerch Strait, Lithuania has expanded the list of Russian citizens who are denied entry into the country. Diplomatic sources report that the sanctions list included 20 names.

It is known that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania officially applied to the migration Department with a proposal to amend the national list of undesirable persons-citizens of the Russian Federation. Under the sanctions were the names of those who directly participated in the capture of the gunboats of Ukraine, and also representatives of the military command of Russia.

It is worth noting that Lithuania was the first country-a member of NATO, which has imposed sanctions against Russia in connection with its aggression against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait.

We will remindthat the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the United States Joseph Dunford has openly warned Russia that the us authorities as necessary, ready for military response to aggression in the Kerch Strait.

Almost immediately the news was picked up by most of the Kremlin’s media: they replicate the statements of local politicians about the intentions of the United States after operations in the sea of Azov.

In addition, the us General stressed that the U.S. must react. Later a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Sergei Tsekov accused the Americans of “militancy”.

“But statements are statements, they are well aware that some specific business direction of the military ships and other, and especially some maneuvers in the Kerch Strait — this is the aggravation of the situation at a very high level,” he says.

As reported “Snaige” the head of the Ukrainian Navy has offered Putin himself in exchange for captured sailors.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote, the Kremlin is ready to consider proposals for the exchange of prisoners Ukrainian seamen, whose occupants brazenly attacked in the Kerch Strait.



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