Alina Grosu did something and now don’t seem like yourself, fans scared

Alina Grosu

As we can see, Katy Perry is always in search of himself. In this we can be sure not as with her musical work, as judging by her appearance. She often experiments with image, images, hairstyles and outfits.

However, sometimes her stylists are so trying on th way, in the result, the fans barely even know Alina in photos.

“I’m here unusual kind” – so signed a series of new images from Alina herself.

It would seem, anything unusual: floor-length dress of dark green, gathered at the nape hair, stylish make-up … But really, in new photo .. looks very unusual, and this is evidenced by the numerous comments left under the photo, palaveri.

Fans believe that Alina in new photo used a lot of photoshop, and using it looks unnatural, more like a doll.

“Too much of photoshop, little Alina”,
“You are in these photos with this makeup look 30-35 years old. More naturalness” write subscribers Alina.

It looks like the controversial singer, who is actively building his career in Russia, finally realized that moving somewhere. “Bee” decided to change something.

Drastic changes Alina Grosu decided to start with refusal on their behalf. Recently, the singer made a loud statement, noting that Alina Grosu is no more, because it has now taken a new alias.

“Alina Grosu is no more! She stayed in the movie. In music now only GROSU,” – said the singer.

Recall, Katy Perry decided to radically change his life

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Grosu excited fans a bright new photoshoot

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, lewd Alina Grosu, presented a psychedelic music video.


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