An ancient skeleton is worth 2 million euros: the it special

Near the town of Kitzingen, Bavaria, scientists found the remains of a young man who died and was buried about 6,500 years ago in the Neolithic age. Nobody knows what his name was. The head of the excavation to the name Scott Tucker decided to call him Fred.

Archaeologists rarely find remains of the Neolithic period, so these findings are really unique. Fred was incredibly interesting. Strange, but, considering his age, he is very well preserved. Especially the archaeologists struck by his straight white teeth. Tucker admitted that he had not seen anything like it.

This impressive the preservation of the bones is due to the fact that Fred was at a wine cooperative. Vineyards grow well on calcareous soils. Soil contains large amounts of calcium. Similar soil prevents degradation of the bone and not remove them from calcium.

This explains the fact that the remains of age-6500 years old perfectly preserved. And physical integrity of the skeleton archaeologists believe a miracle. Fred was at a small depth is only 30-40 cm under the ground. It is strange that for so many years during the cultivation of the land, nobody caught. Archaeologists found out that Fred died young – at the age of 20-30 years. He found the burial gifts – Kam, aniu axe and a scattering of beans.

We will remind, excavations were conducted on a wine cooperative, who turned to the archaeologists. According to the laws of Bavaria, Fred now belongs to the owners of the cooperative, because they own that land. The law has one feature – the owner of the land must pay part of the cost of conducting excavation and research. Most often it is 15 percent of the cost of construction.

The press attache of the cooperative Mike Bock said that it was planned construction of wine press and related infrastructure cost 12 to 14 million euros. This suggests that the remains of Fred will cost them huge amount that can reach up to 2 million. It is worth noting that the remains will have to follow, so the costs will be permanent.

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