And so every single one: shahs figured out how to test presidential candidates for lice

All candidates for President of Ukraine suggested to pass check on the lie detector, says Politeka.

This idea was made by MP from the party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov.

According to the MP, to change the current situation in the country may be the only people voting for “young, normal” candidates.

“And it would still be my way, I would be here would be the bullshit detector and all who will go in presidents would check fully the bullshit detector,” said Shahi.

During such verification, the people’s Deputy plans to find out the following: “whether the Cost of them oligarchs or not worth it? For them, Russia or not? Whether the Kremlin or not? Who is behind them? Who today will really run the country?”.

Shah also drew attention to the serious problem in the modern Ukrainian government. According to him, now in power for many non-professional people who got there solely because of his connections.

“The complete Destruction of our country through managers. Need full restart, and also through the bullshit detector,” said Shahi.

He also stressed that the problems of modern Ukraine can be solved only by the right people in power.

“Only employees can solve everything in our country,” — said the MP.

Previously, we reported that after all these years the Russian-Ukrainian war, the citizens are still not protected against sabotage. This was stated by MP from the political party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov.

“Today should be considered a draft resolution on the investigation of statements concerning facts of theft in the Armed forces of Ukraine and undermining defense capacity in the period from 2004 to 2017,” he said.

Moreover, according to Shah, this is a very important aspect because the people of today are not protected from sabotage.

“People today are not protected from any sabotage of the enemy, not of irresponsibility and negligence in the army. It is a mutual responsibility and criminal irresponsibility in the conditions of Russian aggression. The fifth case of the explosion at the warehouses – it is a failure of our intelligence and unsatisfactory work of the Ministry of defence in relation to the protection of arsenals of weapons. Very sad and tells about it in a day,” he said.

We will remind, Sergey Shakhov told about the main problem of Ukraine.

As reported Know.ia, Sergei Shakhov told about elections under martial law.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about the fact that the shahs have uncovered large-scale fraud in the Donbass, for $ 200 million.


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