Artificial intelligence has created a “perfect” clip with the actual details, but the listeners did not appreciate: now roll in on group criticism and curses

Where had spent $ 100,000 who Jura is and where is “Vulgar Molly” – all in the music video of “AGON”, but fans didn’t see it. Musicians conceived a cunning plan and took people’s reactions to his new work.


Here’s what they say about the band:

“To create a single “Recruit” we turned to modern technology, in particular, used artificial intelligence, which analyzed the hit music in recent years and gave a result is the track “Arkit”. So here you can hear something of Monetica that “Mushrooms” from LJ… Simple music, little words, specific performance. According to the same criteria, we created an idea for a future clip. Artificial intelligence tell us that “reaction” is the most popular content. So starring our spoiler you will see the well-known blogger YanGo, transgender, cops, Cyril Pale, Alina Pash and all this is full of punk and prank”.

We will remind, Became known nominees “Grammy”: a human rights activist, philosopher, Lady Gaga

Announced the nominees for the 61st music award “Grammy” that is awarded by the American Academy of recording. &Nbsp;the number of nominations in the lead rappers Kendrick Lamar (eight) and Drake (seven), and singer brandi Carlile (six).

As previously reported, “Know.ia” the Winners of The Game Awards 2018: ‘ve collected the best that has happened to gaming this year

In Los Angeles traditionally held a gaming event, The Game Awards 2018, during which was elected the best thing that happened to the gaming industry for 2018. Not without unexpected winners of the rubrics, more than enough.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote about the fact that YouTube was named the most popular video of the year in Ukraine: huckster, Queen, acid cartoon

Google released Youtube Rewind is an annual report that contains the most popular video of the year in Ukraine and the world. It became known that the most watched Ukrainians in 2018.

In its official blog Google Ukraine division results in two lists on the benefits of the Ukrainian audience. The first of them – the most popular music videos, the second other video.


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