Augmented reality glasses give perfect sound: just watch how that works

The company Bose showed augmented reality glasses that have an interesting sound system. Their name – Bose Frames.

This is reported tehnot.com.

According to the manufacturer, the glasses can transmit the sound through the bone behind the ear. This allows the user to receive sound with the least amount of distortion.

The glasses have operation principle as Bluetooth headphones that have an integrated microphone and multifunction button on the right handle of points.

Bose Frames can be synchronized with your smartphone, thanks to the GPS module. Thanks to this device can out of the building or facility, for use in augmented reality.

Glasses work when fully charged 3.5 hours or 12 hours in standby mode.

Bose Frames will be sold in January 2019. The cost is $ 199 (5,600 USD).

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