Avtodor signed hot asphalt directly on snow and ice: the bottom of this you have not seen, Ukraine is crying

In a village near Lutsk the repair of roads. However, citizens are outraged that the road workers put new asphalt directly on snow.

This was written by Maria a resident of the village of Keda in the social network Facebook. The message caused a wave of indignation of citizens.

“We have all done through the ass”, “Spring asphalt will come down with snow”, “This is money laundering, not the repair of the road” – complained the indignant inhabitants in the comments under the article.

The residents of Volyn region was not the first to complain about the repair of the road. They argue that repairmen often sit back and work on schedule. And also add that the repair of a small section of the road could be completed, however, the road builders only work from 11:00 to 16:00, explaining that they spend a lot of time on the road.

Rural Chairman Prilutsky stated that the construction of roads has allocated 2, 5 million hryvnias from the regional budget. He also said that, according to the documents, the work must be completed before the end of December. Workers promise that will complete the repairs in the near future, weather permitting.

In General, the repair of roads in Volyn region in 2018, has spent nearly 400 million hryvnia.

Recall that the beginning of the dismantling Shulyavska bridge will begin in January 2019. This was announced by the head of Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Sergei Simonov. He stated that the overpass will be finished at the end of 2019.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” in Kiev, fell to the ground asphalt

“Know.Eeyore” wrote that Ukraine took almost last place in the infamous ranking. The quality of roads our country ranked 130 out of 137 countries.


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