Bad joke from Prince William forced the military to blush, Kate Middleton nearly cried

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William does not cease to joke with his wife Kate Middleton.

This is reported by the media.

It is known that the Royal couple recently visited the air base “Akrotiri” Cyprus, where there was dull funny episode.

Judging by the published photos family quite cheerfully spent time with the military, raised a family theme and even remembered the children. Perhaps such Frank conversations was the occasion for jokes from William towards Kate.

In particular, during one of the official photo shoots the Prince turned to his wife and said that she looked like a Christmas tree. it is the color of her jacket caused her husband such associations, although the blazer was still closer to an olive color than green for Christmas.

“My wife is disguised as a Christmas tree. Maybe I should step out of the picture?”, said William during a photo session with soldiers.

In fact, the outfit the Duchess of Cambridge at the meeting was pretty concise – jacket mid-length olive green canadian brand Smythe, cost £ 666, pants free cut Jigsaw brand £ 130. Her outfit she added a light white top and olive-green clutch, L. K. Bennett.

Face Middleton it was noticeable that the jokes she’s a little embarrassed.

However, it should be noted that the life Kate Middleton is constantly under the close supervision of the press and public. However, with all this about the parents of the Duchess of Cambridge, we know very little.

At the same time, the life story of Carole Middleton no less strange than the story of her daughter Kate. The mother of the Duchess of Cambridge of his time was a regular attendant. She later opened the Agency for organizing events and became a millionaire. And after the wedding of the eldest daughter became the mother of the future Queen of England.

Carole Middleton has never in all these 15 years after the wedding Kate did not give interviews to any publication. And finally, she agreed to do it.

Mother Kate Middleton for the first time lifted the veil of his personal and talked about their joys and fears, about the wedding of the daughter, the son-in-law, William and more.

Recall that Prince Harry had a fight with William via Meghan Markle.

As reported by “Know.ia” Michelle Obama pointed out the main mistakes of Meghan Markle.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Kate Middleton came out in the favorite decoration of the late Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child


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