Berinchyk told about corruption in the Federation of Boxing of Ukraine: we will crush all

Berinchyk is also remembered a little known fact about boxer’s Mustache, writes Politeka.

The coaching staff of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine need to completely change.

Sure the Ukrainian athlete Denis Berinchyk.

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik complained of poor marketing about our athletes.

“Those guys are on my team, they are doing everything possible. But, alas, this country – we all through f*PU. And even the Boxing is through W*PP. In foreign countries very differently,” – said the boxer.

Also the athlete is sure that the Federation of Boxing of Ukraine a long time is necessary to restore order.

“The structure and training grid performs its duties competently. There is a problem in the training process. When Lomachenko was in the coaching staff of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine, was the result,” stories Berinchyk.

Also, the boxer wonders why under the current head coach of the national team of Ukraine in Boxing Dmitry Sosnovsky, the athletes bring medals.

“That’s left Sosnovsky team. Now where are the medals? At least the bronze medal of the Olympic games? He’s got so many world Champions and Europe. Where the results of the main competitions of the world?”, – complains a fighter.

Berinchyk said that the issue should be solved fundamentally now. Only with such an approach, according to him, Ukraine will be able to compete at the Olympics in 2020-th year.

“We need to change the coaching staff. Specifically, completely shake up the entire team. To make a new championship for the right branches of the tradition of the draw. If one way to outline the best and make a group of “corpses”… So it is done and always is done to bring one to the final. You, when you fought with all the difficult, in the final you come out not fresh. And he walked over the corpses, it turns out in the final, and equal battle suits. Plus suitable for “charged” the judges … Shall crumble, “**nd” all ” – shared Berinchyk.

Also the boxer stressed that the Federation “need to share”.

“And you always have to share. The mustache was bad, because not sharing the money with MTSA – from your advertising Agency, with whom he has a separate contract,” said Berinchyk.

We will remind, Berinchyk will fight for the WBO International.

As reported by “Know.ia”, Lomachenko decided to run away before the fight with Pedras.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the football Federation of Ukraine was accused of money laundering.


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