Birthday SYNOPTIC maps: the history of the world weather

the creation of SYNOPTIC maps

164 years ago, the French astronomer le Verrier Urber first presented to the public sinoptico map.

SYNOPTIC map (foreseeable future together») is a geographic map on which conventional signs are applied to the observations of many weather stations. This map gives a visual representation of the weather condition at the moment.

In sequential mapping investigates the direction of movement of air masses, the development of cyclones moving fronts. Analysis of SYNOPTIC maps allows you to anticipate changes in the weather. You can track changes to the state of the atmosphere, in particular, the movement and evolution of atmospheric disturbances, transformation and interaction of air masses.

Birthday SYNOPTIC maps is considered to be 19 February 1855. That day, the Director of the Paris Observatory Urbain le Verrier (1811-1877), astronomer-theorist, shocked the whole world opening in 1846, the eighth planet of the Solar system, Neptune, presented to the Paris Academy of Sciences the operational map weather in Europe at the time between 9 and 10 a.m. the same day.

The first in the history of science, SYNOPTIC map was made of the weather data sent by Telegraph to Paris from a number of European cities. It marked the beginning of world weather. The work of Le Verrier proved that with the help of SYNOPTIC maps can predict the occurrence of storms of tremendous power.

The first map was drawn the lines of equal pressure Isobar, and found that these lines have a closed form and outline areas of high and low pressure, and they form the weather.

Modern weather map, though very different from my great-grandmother on the saturation and clarity, but its essence remains the same. Today weather map is processed by computer systems that allow a few seconds to make calculations that previously carried forecasters hours.

This greatly simplifies the process of forecasting the weather, and allows the forecaster to the time saved in more detail to consider its forecast and thus increase its accuracy. With the advent of new technologies are the work of the forecaster hasn’t changed. It as before correct synoptica method, and weather map for it — a reference book.

We will remind, Urbain le Verrier discovered the eighth planet of the Solar system blindly — with the help of mathematical equations.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, scientists discovered a unique map of the Commonwealth.

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