Boris Grebenshchikov sang about reposts, retweets, downshifters, Banksy and Harvey Weinstein. Listen to “Boy-Baba” right now

The legendary band Aquarium has a new song called Virago. In the song the musicians remember repost, downshifters, bitcoins, retweets, Chicken-Ryaba, Harvey Weinstein and Banksy. The main character of the single was “Virago”, as the name suggests it.

On 27 November the leader of group Boris Grebenshchikov turned 65. In honor of this “Aquarium” went on tour, which will last until the end of winter. Concerts HD will delight listeners with singles from the new album, as well as all your favorite hits. Last album called “Time N”, was released in February 2018.

The song BG “Virago” is available for streaming and download on Apple Music. Clip submitted on the official YouTube channel BG. You should definitely assess!

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