«Borscheva set» turned into «gold» for 2018: the favorite dish of the Ukrainians became inaccessible

Vegetables borsch set became leaders of price increase for 2018. For the 12 months the favorite dish of the Ukrainians rose in value from 42 to 67.5%.

This became known from the data of the State statistics service, reports «WAVE».

Amazingly, the record rise in price became a regular onion. In the beginning of last year, a kilogram of this vegetable can be purchased for 5.5 UAH, and in December 2018 the price rose to UAH 16,82. – it is twice more than the same cabbage.

The price of cabbage also increased gradually, though not such a dramatic pace. If onion price increased 67.5% since the beginning of the year, cabbage is a mere 43.8 per cent. At the end of the year for pound the head of the Ukrainian average of 8.86 requested UAH. About the same increase in the price of carrots and beets, and all of these 4 vegetable price topped the rating last year.

According to experts, «borscheva set» in Ukraine has become more expensive due to rising prices for vegetables in Europe.

The President of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko in the comments UBR said that Ukrainian farmers are willing to export to Poland and other European countries. And as a result prices are rising and we have. His words He confirmed by statistical data: the high price of onion in our country is recorded in the Kherson region, despite the fact that the region is a leader in the cultivation of this vegetable.

Also in 2018, has risen significantly, millet (+37%), travel in public transport (+29,7%) and potatoes (+24.9 per cent). 20% increase in the price of cigarettes, wheat bread, and pearl barley. Approximately 15% more expensive pasta, antipyretic drugs and diesel fuel.

Cheaper in 2018 were only 4 products. The apples fell in price by a record 82% after a huge harvest and a shortage of vegetable stores in the country, the price of buckwheat decreased by 38%, sugar – 12%, eggs became cheaper by 10%. We will remind, according to estimates by the state statistics service, inflation in Ukraine up to 2018 was 9.8%.

Recallthat in adverse weather conditions in Ukrainian stores rose sharply popular food.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, the Ukrainians showed communal tariffs in the upgraded payment system. The amount of hit records.

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