Bright Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed the Carpathians the green coat: a goddess not only of the laminate

Lesya Nikityuk

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, who reached the final of the show “dancing with the stars,” but not won in it, we often share with papinniemi in Instagram new pictures and news from his stellar life. So, this time, she published an unusual holiday photo, which appeared before the fans in a funny manner.

In the photo, which appeared in the account of the star posing on the background of snowy mountains. Geolocation of photos indicates that they were made in the ski resort of Bukovel. For a winter photo shoot Les wore a gray suit, apparently warm, her feet something similar to the boots, and on his head a hat and ski goggles. But most attention is attracted by a bright green coat in which nikitiuk already been spotted on the streets of his native Khmelnytsky. On the belt at Kim’s little black purse.

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Didn’t even know what I fotkayut) I always stand😁 didn’t Even know that I photograph, I Always stand😆#буковель2019 #beginelement #moove #lovebukovel #vodaclub

Shared A post by Lesya Nikityuk (@lesia_nikituk) on Jan 12, 2019 at 12:18am PST

In the caption, Les nikitiuk wrote: “didn’t Even know that I photograph, I always stand. #буковель2019 #beginelement #moove #lovebukovel #vodaclub”. Fans of Lesja not passed by and started to discuss her exciting photos. The followers noted the originality Losinogo dress, and most of the compliments went bright coat.

“Cool coat”, “Les, the beautiful and the coat so cute”, “Winter Princess”, “Goddess of Bukovel”, “Beautiful!” “The goddess is not only laminate, but also the snow,” “Les, you’re super”, “Interesting combination of grey suit and coat. Talented person is talented in everything”, “Model”, “Stay with You”, “you Have such a coat. Just the sun!” “Well, beautiful”, “you are so awesome, Les”, “Nuovi coat?”, “My beauty” – write enthusiastic fans in the comments to the photo nikitiuk.

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If you saw me ride, you would have voted for me 😆😆😆 went down, and people showed me the numbers 10!!! Hmm))) can find the instructor in the name of the Pit?!?😁 If you saw how I ride, too, would have sent me SMS😁#lovebukovel #vodaclub #vaginalis #буковель2019

Shared A post by Lesya Nikityuk (@lesia_nikituk) on Jan 9, 2019 at 7:36am PST

Recall, after the “Dancing with the stars” Lesya Nikityuk has become a bond girl.

Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that Lesya Nikityuk eclipsed Dubai bold way.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk posted a harmless photo and provoked a scandal of language.


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