Case Zaitseva: the expert said, who benefits from the lies, manipulation and delay in the investigation

Has long been possible to establish if the culprit bloody accident in Kharkov, Elena Zaitseva under the influence of drugs, if not for the sabotage of investigators and not a cynical manipulation of relatives of the famous lady driver.

On Monday, February 11, said the publication “Facts” with reference to the words of the Director of state institution “Center of mental health and monitoring of drugs and alcohol” Sergei Noise. Investigators argued that it is necessary to know the exact amount of opiates in the blood Zaitseva, however, that, in the opinion of the expert, lie. The lie in order for as long as possible to delay the investigation, to gain time, not to give to “poor Zaitsev” in the hands of justice and not to allow to happen what she deserves. After all the investigation data sufficient to render a verdict.

“This is manipulative techniques in order to divert attention from the fact of the existence of one or another psychoactive substance. In this case, the Tox screen showed that this substance was already enough to draw a conclusion, approved by the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of health” said the expert.

Meanwhile, relatives Zaitseva resorted to a trick that the culprit of the tragedy to avoid responsibility. This was told during the court hearing Igor Barchenko, whose daughter was killed in an accident.

According to the man, the family Zaitseva resorted to a number of cynical ways which, however, were not. The lawyers wanted to adduce medical expert about the poor condition of the accused, namely that she was diagnosed with several serious diseases: vegetative-vascular dystonia, heart valve prolapse, and post-traumatic encephalopathy. The father of the deceased was surprised how Zaitseva with such “bouquet” of diseases could issue a driver’s license.

We will remind, earlier the victim’s mother Zaytseva was struck by the power of the spirit: I don’t believe in repentance, but do it for the memory of his son.

recently in Kharkiv took place another court hearing on the case of the accident in Sumy with the participation of Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova. The mother of one of the victims of a deadly crash in Kharkiv issued a statement, promising that he will not forgive the one that was in the dock.

Recall Zaitsev pulled to freedom the controversial Prosecutor, activists are sounding the alarm. Zaitsev could go free.

As reported Know. EN, Zaitseva “bought” the silence of the victims of the accident in Odessa. The woman assured, no money needed, her son’s life can not be bought.


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