Catherine Sannita 7 Dec: superstitions and omens


Saint Catherine of Alexandria was considered the patron of pregnant women. Childbirth has always been in Russia Ordinance. It tried to hide from everyone else believed it, the woman will suffer and suffer for every one to know about childbirth. Even the poor peasants were invited polivalina grandmother, who conducted the rite and prayed for Catherine.

The night before this festival, the girls were wondering on the suitors. One of the ways to break off an Apple branch and put it under the pillow. Then should dream of true love. If a girl is already someone noticed, she quietly away from him a thing, and then rolled the loaf around it. Did that guy walked in circles outside her house.


  • Prokop, Catherine pricate.
  • Katerinin day came – riding resulted.
  • If the day was clear, the winter will be cold.
  • If Catherine Sanico warm, foggy and slushy, so frost will not be another ten days.
  • If the snow falls on dry land and become a way as a sleigh, the next year will be lean.
  • If the sky can see a lot of little stars – to the imminent snowfall.
  • Born 7 Dec should wear onyx.

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