Cemetery home “probleh”: what awaits the owners of problematic cars

Now to get to Ukraine for transit to the European rooms is possible only after paying at the border of “inbound” tax. The amount is almost equal to the amount of customs clearance. That is why at the moment this is used only two drivers, the rest just left the car at the border.

Now in Lvov 122 “problemi” cleared. However, last week the number was two. On the border with Hungary was the dump. Cars are looted, no wheels and even without engines.

And on the border with Poland, border crossing shehini-Medica, Poland – crowded Parking lot. A week ago they were empty. Machine left here by the residents of border areas, which in Ukraine went to the transit regime, writes 24tv.ua.

It is now easier to cross the border. This can be done in 20 minutes. Two weeks ago we had to wait for hours. On leaving Ukraine, a few machines for “euromarch”. And that’s really the poles.

The queue of cars on avtonomera now in the red corridor of Ukrainian-Polish border. Andrew almost a day waiting for customs clearance. He still decided to legalize their seventeen-year-old “Mercedes”. Says, bought it from the pole a year ago for 750 Euro. Taxes have already counted almost 2 thousand euros. The money for custom clearance took a loan.

Now, to enter 5 days it is necessary to pay a Deposit of the full amount of customs clearance. So the drivers are willing to legalize their cars.

“During this period we feature more than 120 cars in the customs regime of import. It’s those cars that are older than 10 years and who could not physically issued before the entry into force of this law. Paid to the state budget over 6 million hryvnia,” – said the Deputy head of customs control organization Stepan Bocharov.

Those who have imported a car before the law came into effect have 180 days to determine: to obtain customs clearance or export. And already with may promise to fine and even confiscate the uncleared cars.

It is worth Recalling that after the adoption of the new law on customs, many drivers began to collect documents. However, in the process it turned out that not everything is so simple.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the Slovak village of Vobla, near the border with Ukraine, the owners of cars with foreign registration massively leave in the lurch their vehicles.

We will remind, the customs clearance wroble: the trouble came from not waiting.

As reported Know.ia customs clearance probleh: Ukrainians answered all their questions.

Know.Eeyore wrote problerm added headache, all because of a dirty piece of paper: it was a hoax.


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