China went on to conquer the dark side of the moon-mankind is waiting

To explore the largest known to man a lunar crater went robotic lander and a moon Rover, Chinese space mission “Chanje-4”. The diameter of the investigated pool called the South pole-Aitken is about 2,400 kilometers, and the depth is 12 kilometers.

Start of the spacecraft took place on Friday, 7 December, 18:30 GMT, reports the Guardian.

Under the assumptions of the researcher from the University of Manchester Catherine joy, on the dark side of the moon, you can find valuable and rich deposits of rocks that are not already open part.

“Impact crater cut a huge hole in the lunar crust and possibly the lunar mantle. According to forecasts, he opened an inspection of the cliffs that we don’t normally find on the surface of the moon”. Catherine Joy

If the landing succeeds, the probe for some time in lunar orbit, and then falls on the surface of the moon.

Scientists estimate that this should occur in the first week of January. The plans of the Chinese to send to the only natural satellite of the Earth more tons of equipment.

Managers will not be able to communicate with the spacecraft directly. “Chanje-4” will transmit messages to the satellite Agency Queqiao, which is on the “halo-orbit”, on the visible side of the moon.

We will remind, the employee of NASA, biophysicist Silvano Colombano has presented his research in which he speculated regarding searches of aliens in the framework of the SETI project.

It should be noted that this work is just a few days became a sensation. Naturally, she became popular thanks to the efforts of the large established media. The media immediately saw in the study the scientist’s statement that aliens have visited Earth.

As reported by “Know.ia” the Russians were going to expose US to the moon.

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