Continuous darkness, stopped the electric vehicle, people are not released from the stores: in Kiev, the collapse of energy

in Kiev, the collapse of energy

On Friday, December 7 residents Troyeshchyna suddenly the lights went out. Dozens of homes were left de-energized.

Electricity the residents of Desnyanskiy district was lost at 16: 15. Also there is no light in sky mall shopping center on Prospekt Vatutina, 2T and zakrevskogo. The residents, writes Informant.

Local residents report that traffic lights don’t work and stopped trolleybuses, trams, do not burn even the lights. Eyewitnesses also say that in SkyMall shopping center people are not released from certain stores. To exit, you need to show your bags to security guards, since frames do not work.

According to the contact center of Kyiv DTEK power, Desnyanskiy district emergency shutdown. This is due to the accident at the 110-KV line.

According to KP kievpasstrans blocked the movement of trams 28, 33, 35, 4, 5 and trolley buses 37, 37A, driving along the streets zakrevskogo, Balzac, Dreiser, Bratislava.

Later in Kiev DTEK power grid has commented on off the light.

“At 16:05 there was an emergency situation on the Left Bank of Kiev: blacked out 4 a high-voltage cable line (CL) 110 KV “TPP-6 str 1”, “TPP-6-str 2”, “TPP-6-Desna 1”, “TPP-6-Desna 2”. The accident stopped the supply part of the residential area Troyeshchyna and Voskresenka. The street Dreiser, Vygurovskoy Boulevard, Saburov, Mayakovsky, Dankevich, Vatutin, Perova Boulevard and all the streets of the village Troyeshchina “, – stated in the message.

Without light were 290 residential building, 305 organizations, 325 private houses and the SEC “Sky Mall”. Also according to the information DTEK, Kyiv supply the cause of the accident establishes a special Commission.


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