Cops will take on Tesla, while the Ukrainians are content Groisman-Express: all the details

Information about the purchase of seven electric cars cost 124 thousand euros each was published in March 2018, but the first three cars arrived just now.

Engine power of this car makes 525 horsepower and the car’s top speed is 230 kilometers per hour.

In order for the car not the battery, in General, will be installed six EV charging stations.

Earlier it was reported that the company Ilona Mask Tesla has announced the release of the European market its Model 3 sedan. Now the cult electric cars will appear on the streets of European countries.

As noted, sales of the sedan Tesla Model 3 will start with the top modifications Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Performance. Most likely, this is the way Musk wants to sell the best car company.

The battery capacity of the couple equal to 75 kW•h of power Reserve 544, and 530 km of cycle WLTP, respectively. It’s pretty much a given that in some countries car charger occurs free in most gas stations.

Prices from country to country differ, but the average is 58 per thousand and 70 thousand euros.

The first deliveries to European customers are scheduled for February 2019, so that those who really wanted this car can get it very soon.

Recall, Elon Max stated about the dying state of their offspring. According to the Mask, Tesla is on solution of problems is just a few weeks.

As reported Know. EN, these electric cars have conquered the hearts of Ukrainians. For a month in Ukraine 598 EVS through the initial registration.

Know. EN wrote that Musk promised Tesla Europe 3. Musk has decided to expand its market.


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