Customs clearance wroble: the trouble came from not waiting

cars with foreign registration

While Ukrainians do not understand how to clear a car, it is actively used by scammers, offering their services to deregistration in the country, where he purchased a car and registration of all necessary documents.

This was told by the activist of the NGO “Western Ukrainian Association of transit car owners” Mykhaylo Katruk.

a car with European registration

He noted that their services have started to offer “intermediaries”, which for 200 -500 dollars promise to remove the car from the account in any of the European countries remotely, or to provide a package of documents for registration in Ukraine.

“There have been cases when people pay a in fact, these so-called “intermediaries” they are given printed on a color printer documents, people come with these documents to customs, he having a huge problem. According to the Customs code, if confirmed the facts of falsification of documents, penalty is 100% of the cost of the goods plus confiscation of the car. Plus it is generally a crime. So be extremely careful,” warned Katruk.

car from Europe

The expert warned that in the case of the remote remove the “EuroBLECH” c of registration in the country of origin of such a car, you need to verify the authenticity of all submitted documents with the help of experts and information from public registers.

Under the new rules, according to the “law Ugin” about the customs clearance to get the numbers of these machines, you need to have a document confirming the right of ownership of the vehicle and be sure to remove from registration in the country from which imported.


“It (the document of title. – Ed.) can be a bill of sale, invoice, donation – any official document that confirms that the vehicle is in your legal possession”, – said Katruk.

Recall the owners probleh customs are faced with a new problem. The fact that customs officers do not believe the documents and evaluate your auto, often deliberately inflate the cost.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainians showed how many cars are already cleared after the adoption of the new law.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the Ukrainians told what to do wroblew if there is no money for custom clearance.

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