Didn’t stop neither children nor a successful career: revealed creepy details of the “ether” of death Wiki Acer

The popular host of “bi-Bi-si” Vicki Archer, who died in August died by suicide. According to the online edition, the leading experienced extreme depression.

The cause of death of 41-year-old broadcaster announced the judgment of the city Shropshire. According to him, Vicky told colleagues that she needed rest and left the office. According to The Guardian, she went right off the air. After a couple of hours her dead body was found in his home.

Vicki Archer

As the newspaper notes, previously, she had tried to commit suicide. Though the Wiki and built a good career, she still suffered from prolonged depression. A few days before his death, Archer complained in a blog on his life by posting depressive posts.

Dead Vicki Archer found his stepfather, who came to her to set the plate. The guide had had three children, she was divorced.

Recall the Current on the brain: a new treatment will “shock” your depression

Electrical stimulation of certain areas of the brain helps in the treatment of depression.

Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco say they have found a section of the human brain, the effect which improves mood, reports Current Biology.

The experiment involved 25 people who suffer from epilepsy. In their brain was embedded with electrodes that measured the number of attacks.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” Brought on the job: in Kiev, a scientist has made a tragic suicide, his mother’s words shocked everyone

Monday, 3 December, in Kiev, has recorded another dreadful case of suicide. According to Oleynik, 3, the man jumped from the 14th floor. From the received traumas it has died on the spot.

This information reports “Informant”.

It is known that a terrible incident happened around 9:10 am

Takotna.Eeyore” wrote that the Child wanted to live, but the parents pulled him into hell: a triple suicide shocked the country

In the town of Glazov in the Udmurt Republic there was a terrible triple suicide. Three members of one family jumped to 55-year-old woman, her 35-year-old daughter and eight-year-old granddaughter. This became known from the news Telegram-channel Mash.Reportedly, the girl wanted to live, but the mother pulled her away, then jumped the girl’s grandmother.


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