Diet of Armageddon: these 5 products will disappear because of global warming

Humanity will remain at five popular foods with the influence of global warming on the environment. Contrary to popular notions about the phenomenon of global warming, it is not limited to changing weather, melting glaciers and the extinction of species. The inhabitants of the planet Earth expect a sharp change of diet. British scientists have said, what foods will have to forget forever.

So, get ready to say goodbye to my fish, coffee, chocolate, olive oil and wine, and here’s why.

Greatly heated the Oceans, and thus most species of fish just can’t survive. Subsequently, the fish will become a rarity and a delicacy, prices in many countries will soar to dizzying heights and subsequently, the fish will disappear completely from store shelves and our tables.

80% of the land now used for cultivation of different crops, will become unfit for cultivation.

This will lead to a deficit and perhaps the complete disappearance of a number of familiar food products, like olive oil, coffee and chocolate. In the «at risk» also, the wine and some other alcoholic beverages.

We will remind, the forecast of Vanga to the end of the Millennium: the bloodshed, the ice age in Europe and this terrible disease.

2033. The melting of glaciers continues increasingly, the result of which will significantly increase the level of the World ocean. Global warming is partially washed away several cities, Wang predicted.

We also wrote that the Earth will turn into Venus nonresidential real estate: the oceans will boil, and humanity will perish.

In addition, there is a chance of avoiding global warming. Humanity will save the substance.

American scholars have focused on the development of a method which will help to avoid disaster. They believe that global warming can be stopped only in one way – the reflection of sunlight. Experts recommend spraying into the atmosphere a special chemical. This idea occurred long ago, and discuss it. But many researchers believe that such interference in natural processes may not benefit.

Recall, Google has compiled a list of the most polluted countries. Many of them are negligent to the planet

As reported by the portal «Know.ia», disaster is inevitable, so don’t stop global warming, humans will soon see a real Apocalypse.



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