Don’t let the police be fooled 10 grounds for the legal stay of the vehicle

The law stipulates 10 reasons to stop the vehicle, namely:

1. violation of driver rules of the road;

2. obvious signs testifying to technical malfunction of the car;

3. the driver or passengers involved in the traffic accident or other offense;

4. the vehicle is wanted;

5. the need for polling the driver or passengers about circumstances of Commission of road accident or other offense, the person they could be;

6. the need to provide driver assistance to other participants of traffic or as a witness;

7. the adoption authority in the state decisions to restrict or prohibit the movement;

8. the method of fixation of the cargo in the vehicle creates a danger to traffic participants;

9. violation of the procedure of use of special light or sound signals;

10. the presence of foreign license plates to verify the legality of the transfer of such a car is in use or disposal to other persons.

The Police Of Ukraine

It is worth noting that all of the other reasons that this list does not include, are illegal.

Furthermore, the officer must inform the driver about the specific reason for the stop, with its detailed description. If he didn’t, then stop for no reason, and all further actions and requirements of the inspector unlawful. For this reason, if law enforcement is groundless stopped the car and fined for any offence, it is further easy to cancel through court. It is also recommended to take care of audio or video recording of a conversation with a policeman.

The Police Of Ukraine

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the expert expressed confidence that the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov must respond to all actions of the National body, otherwise his credibility may be adversely affected.

As reported by the portal «Know.ia»: the Metropolitan police have arrested a gang of enterprising Ukrainians who have created a clever scheme, which took control of money of his countrymen, the amount of which is simply amazing.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote that in connection with the death of an employee of the presidential administration Petro Poroshenko has appealed to law enforcement agencies and called on them as soon as possible to find the perpetrators and punish them.


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