Draco Malfoy from the «Harry Potter» tearfully asked for forgiveness: the main villain of the book has changed

31-year-old Tom Felton, best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the film series «Harry Potter» played the guitar, and then posted the corresponding video in Instagram.

Fans immediately brought down on him his anger – say, t-shirt offends Japanese people.

On the shirt of the actor depicted the rising sun Flag is the military flag of Japan. It is a symbol of militarism and imperialism.

The actor has removed the video and apologized to the fans.

«I apologize if my last Instagram video offended anyone. I had no idea that the symbol was depicted on my shirt. I am all-loving, not a hater, and now I regret that bought it, not knowing the meaning of the symbol. My ignorance is no excuse, but I am very sorry».

However, not all fans do understand what happened: «And what was the problem?»; «I’m seven years living in Japan and don’t know what this symbol is offensive. They still use the flag in the army»; «the moment when you found more information because of the Haight».

It is worth Recalling that in his recent projects 68-year-old Robbie Coltrane had a cane or, in some cases, with umbrella, and not just. As you know, the man has long suffered from osteoarthritis, but now his condition has deteriorated so badly that the actor is unable to move without assistance.

A sad incident happened few days ago. At the time, like Robbie Coltrane was in London, he realized that to get to your hotel it’s just not. The actor further admitted that the knee pain had bothered him for many years. The doctors warned that Coltrane should get rid of excess weight, otherwise it will become invalid.

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