Dzhangirov: merging smartly and For the life of the led not to the addition of ratings and subtraction

Today the “post-red-white-blue” electorate (the former Party of Regions, KPU and Strong Ukraine St. Editor)has become a battleground of three candidates – Yuriy Boyko (“Opposition platform – For Life!”), Evgeniy murayev (“Our”) and Oleksandr Vilkul (Opposition bloc), in an interview with Capital commented political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov. In his opinion, at the moment, we can say that the unification of the party “For Life!” and part of the Opposition bloc led by Yuri Boiko – Sergey Levochkin has not led to the addition of ratings. Rather, we can speak about them “subtraction”.

What happened in the creation of “OP – Bo!” and the nomination of a candidate Yuriy Boyko?

“Vadim Rabinovich, and Yuriy Boyko hoped to fold in the new project rankings. But, alas, the rating of Mr. Rabinovich had “gone into schism” followed Jevgenijs Musaevym, and Yuriy Boyko was not able to “divert” its rating, left the source of the rating of the party “Opposition bloc”, said the expert.

Dzhangirov believes that the idea of “combiners”, the rating of the political force Murewa and Rabinovich new platform was to receive as an electoral dowry. “However, with this dowry, as has become obvious, Mr. Rabinovich has not developed that clearly documented the sociology.

From November 16 to December 10, 2019, the sociological group “Rating”

From the integral 8% Vadim Rabinovich in June 2018, Eugene Moore by December “took away” 5%, leaving Vadim Zinovyevich for “contribution” in a rating of “a single candidate” only 3%, says Dzhangirov. Further,Yuriy Boyko involuntarily found themselves in the unpleasant role due to the fact that he and other “combiners” misread the numbers presidential ego rating.

“In fact – and we noticed in the introduction, for parties like the Opposition bloc, the rating policy as its leader and ratings of the same policy as the leader of another political force – they are two different rankings. And not in favor of the second”.

Based on the research of the Fund “Ukrainian politics” together with the research group of the Institute of marketing and consulting, Dzhangirov said that the uptrend Alexander Vilkul (6.3 percent) have crossed paths with a downward trend Yuriy Boyko (6,2%); a rating of Evgeniy murayev stable (4.8 per cent). The main growth of Alexander Vilkul in the base – Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. “By the way, this factor apparently partially inhibits the growth of rating Evgeniy murayev in the macro-region.

Returning to the above, you can specify that Vadim Rabinovich, it seems that “gave” Mr. Boyko “zero point horseradish tenths”. But, you see, not a bad bargain!”, sure Dzhangirov

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