Elections of the President of Ukraine: the Russians have heard the final verdict

The so-called “observers” from Russia will not allow the elections of the President of Ukraine. The relevant law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

The wording of the law we are talking about citizens of Russia, not from Russia. With law understood Valery Semenenko, for up.

Russia is openly trying to influence the Ukrainian elections since 2004.

“In 2004, Ukrainian NGOs established a Committee “For fair elections in Ukraine.” Back then, we had the opportunity to organize pickets, rallies in support of fair elections, against Russia’s intervention in the electoral process. The Committee organized a group of election observers in Ukraine, which was part of the observation Mission of the Ukrainian world Congress (UWC). Since then, increased pressure by Russian authorities on Ukrainian democratic organization of Russia”, – wrote Semenenko.

According to him, the Russian authorities tried to subdue the Ukrainian organization. For the position of supervisor appointed member of Council of Federation Vasily Duma, who immediately began to speak in support of initiatives of “United Russia”. And in 2012, the Supreme Court of the Federal Ukrainian public organizations were liquidated.

Continued regional Ukrainian organizations and the Committee “For fair elections in Ukraine.”

“The initiative of the Ukrainian authorities to block the admission of observers from Russia was not quite expected. At first glance, the initiative is clear – the country-aggressor must not be present in the Ukrainian electoral process. If it is limited to two colors: white and black,” – said Semenenko.

However, the expert insists that the causes more deeply in such a ban.

“Observers from Russia worked in the Mission of the world Congress of Ukrainians, then there are observers from Russia, the SSI, and not from Russia. Only that the law prohibits them to participate in the observation. Thus representatives of the democratic organizations law puts on equal footing with the representatives of the Russian authorities,” – said the expert.

He also noted that it is not necessary to forget about image losses for Ukraine.

“The attitude to the law of international organizations, other countries is ambiguous. Not surprisingly, the OSCE reacted negatively to such a law. To the question of what such great harm to Ukraine observers, who will all the time in sight, there is hardly a meaningful response,” – said Valery Semenenko.

In addition, Dr is convinced that Russia will send observers to the OSCE mission.

“Ukrainians of Russia to Express is that his regret about the impossibility to participate in the electoral process. And at the same time they hope that the elections will meet the criteria of a fair, equitable vote of the citizens of Ukraine,” – said Semenenko.

We will remind, Ukrainians showed earnings Poroshenko to 2018.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Zelensky was accused of “illegal campaigning”.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that on Podol in Kiev, the police detained the activists without any explanation.


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