Enclosed in a private world: top 5 introvert Zodiac signs

Another famous psychologist Gustav Jung has divided people into introverts and extroverts, in connection with the peculiarities of the behavior, temperament and preferences in contacts with the outside world.

If extroverts are used to pay life-force to the outside world, introverts focus on the internal.Astrologers called typical introverts among the signs of the Zodiac.


Taureans prefer to do without unnecessary noise and stay in the zone of your comfort.

Introverts Taurus is used to perform professional duties at their own pace, and the slightest extraneous noise can knock them out of the rut.


Obvious are the introverts of the Fish. Representatives of this water sign usually live in your aquarium, the sluggish interest in all that happens outside it.

A lot of people consider fish to be alienated and called snobs. However, this opinion is often erroneous. Just his inner world like a Fish is much more interesting than external, and therefore, they prefer to stay.


Scorpions are extremely reluctant to begin to contact with unfamiliar persons, and so they opened someone’s soul, should happen something extraordinary.

Few people can feel the sincere emotions of the representatives of this Zodiac sign, the more positive.


Only chosen people can enter the circle of Capricorn. Sometimes representatives of this constellation are so immersed in their own thoughts that others consider them rude and cold. Although in most cases it is not. To be at a noisy party, it was torture for Capricorns. But to drink with a good friend a Cup of coffee or even better lie down with a favorite book at home!

Often focused and determined people belonging to the Capricorn, hiding in myself and do not want to share emotions and experiences, even with loved ones. Children of the earth sign do not hurry to Express their opinion, and if different from the conclusions of the majority, is silent – not only to argue once again.


Cancers can remain sociable and friendly, enjoy to go out. Therefore, one hundred percent of the introverts of water charges will not name. But this “filler” in them much more than extraverts component.

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