Erotic horoscope for December 9: who would dare to do crazy thing

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec ARIES

On this day, you will be subject to follow. So be ready to devote in secrets of the sex of a person younger than you. You can even decorate a little bit of your intimate life.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec TAURUS

9 Dec is your partner is activated only in case, if I see you unusual underwear. Contrasting colors and extravagant hairstyle – this is the way to sexual satisfaction.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec GEMINI

On this day, your breath and pulse is ready to increase from a casual glance in your direction from the attractive men. You just radiate passion.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec CANCER

December 9, you will ruin your laziness. If you don’t take of yourself, beloved one will not stand and just leave. So get it together and do something.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec LION

Whipped cream, ripe strawberries, aromatic oils – just need you 9 Dec. Moreover, prior to intimacy will have to visit a sex shop.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec VIRGIN

On this day, star recommend you to assign your favorite head Gardener – preferably in a humorous and playful way. He will take care of your “garden”.

Erotic horoscope for December 9 LIBRA

9 December you will be extremely selfish, putting pleasure before everything else and absolutely not worrying about the vulnerable soul of men and their pride.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec SCORPIO

The stars predict that on this day, the Scorpions will be passive. Explanation can serve as a satiety own lust and sensuality.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec SAGITTARIUS

December 9, you will be constantly busy with something, even though I the morning choose to engage in such useful sport, like sex. However, you will be distracted by urgent matters.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec CAPRICORN

On this day, your partner will be absolutely unmanageable. So it is better to dress in lingerie simpler, which is not a pity to lose, and to provide security.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec AQUARIUS

Metallic and leather accessories add a special attraction to the sexy image of Aquarius. Be firm and even somewhat uncompromising.

Erotic horoscope on 9 Dec FISH

9 Dec Fish will be able to indulge in amorous pleasures only after a good relax. Don’t skimp on the expensive wine – it is perfect to “warm up”.


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