Ex-MP Tomenko argues that Parliament is doomed to failure

Former member of “block of Petro Poroshenko” Mykola Tomenko said that the current composition of Parliament is not effective and Andriy Parubiy will not be able to organize his work.

“I believe, therefore, that Parliament in its current composition, is doomed. Trying a new speaker Parubiy to come up with some brilliant design about how to organize this unorganized collection of people with the help of some penalties- it’s not even funny,” he says in an interview with “League”.

He believes that the current Parliament is doomed to fail. In favor of his conclusion he gives the following arguments.

1. Changes in the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada destroy the deputies as independent politicians. And the idea of “optimizing” work of MPs through the release of Friday and Wednesday from plenary work, will lead to the fact that working days the deputies will only be six in a month.

2. For a discussion of the problems in the districts there will be time, will not be realized the potential of parliamentary control.

3.Meetings of the coalition generally does not occur, the full meetings of the factions too. From the President’s Administration or Cabinet of Ministers bring to the BPP or NF print with the plus sign to vote for the bill.

4. The coalition is actually there: the list neither I nor you have not seen. The coalition in the current Parliament, like the Masonic Lodge, so the current coalition majority has neither legal nor social legitimacy.

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Recall that Mykola Tomenko and Yegor Firsov was expelled from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” for non-participation in the work of the faction.


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