“Fatherland” addressed to journalists with an appeal not to take part in a dirty political campaign

The time limit for presidency Petro Poroshenko, constantly POPs up. Until the day when citizens give him their verdict, it remains less than four mscaz, according to the website of “Batkivshchyna”.

Public opinion polls that are carried out independently from each other different, but equally important, the polling company, indicate that the chances to remain in power, the incumbent President are illusory. And every month continues to melt. Called into question even his exit in the second round of elections. Main rival Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, has twice the support of Ukrainians.

The more evident becomes imminent defeat, the more nervous is the behavior Bank. To discredit opponents of the President’s team stops at nothing – neither a manipulation nor a shameful lie. The main task of cynically formulated one of its leaders – “We will not wash, but can slap mud at others”.

However, even for this own imagination in them is not enough. Therefore use the methods developed a few years ago, technologists, Viktor Yanukovych led with Paul Manafort convicted American investigators and independent journalists.

Even a list of “charges” against Yulia Tymoshenko carefully written off of “Temnikov”, composed by Manufactum in those days, when Poroshenko was a Minister in the government of Mykola Azarov.

From the team of the incumbent President, we not waiting for anything else. The man who sanctifies himself the sign of the cross and leads “the business of blood”, which considers it possible to open an offshore company just in time Lowisko tragedy and to fill their money coffers of the aggressor, and the team selects the appropriate.

About the ability and consequences of the activities of this team is well known by all Ukrainians, who are forced to live under the presidency of Poroshenko. The ability to lie and give the “black” for “white” and Vice versa, it seems, has become the main principle of selection of personnel to the power. Selected and treated kindly they are happy to perform any tasks, even the most dirty.

It is sad and a shame that the campaign of disinformation that attracts journalists and media. Most often, of course, not by their own free will. Real journalists, like anyone, known that no one policy in our country has not heard so many accusations against him, as Yulia Tymoshenko. And these accusations are not limited to statements to the press.

Task is to destroy Yulia Tymoshenko performed a whole army of investigators since the mid-90s. At the time, Viktor Yanukovych, the army has grown and enriched corrupt judges. They threw Tymoshenko in jail, but did not break her. All allegations were denied. Not only Ukrainian, but European and American courts.

Yulia Tymoshenko was thorough, vyprickis checking all the facts of her biography. And who can be careful for the enemies? And maybe the exam is tougher than imprisonment? Many of those who now accuses the leader of “Batkivshchyna”, could not resist a small fraction of the trials that she experienced, and collaborated with the regime that threw her in jail. But for companies it would be helpful if all Ukrainian politicians were at least a tenth of such check that was Yulia Tymoshenko, and came out of her as she left with honor and your head held high. Then domestic politics would have been different, and Ukraine would be successful.

“Batkivshchyna” urges the media to remember their high mission – to inform readers, viewers, listeners, to help us understand what’s really going on. And not to give in to temptation or coercion to be used by the government in the infamous political campaigns that have nothing in common either with the interests of Ukrainians, nor with the interests of Ukraine.

We understand how difficult it is in the conditions created by this government in our country. But time it is not so much. In the end, presidents come and go, but the shame remains. Will not regret it.


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