Fit whether Tomos Local Ukrainian Church?

In Church circles, was an emotional outburst regarding the Statute of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (Pcwu), who on November 29 was approved by the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Significantly different views of Constantinople and Kiev Patriarchates and on the format Unification Cathedral, which promise to hold on November 15. Advisor to the President Rostislav Pavlenko has assured that the Phanar has developed a “proposal” to the Constitution, but the final decision after a free discussion at the Council will be taken by the Ukrainian bishops. What the limits of our bishops will be able to vary the founding document of the Russian Church, prepared by Greek patterns? Will they be able to fit it under the scope of a Local Ukrainian Church?

To discuss all contentious issues and come to the unity Council with a unified position, the Synod of the UOC-KP have called on the 13th the Council of bishops. In addition, the Kyiv Patriarchate has already prepared the project and believe that it better meets the conditions of Church life in Ukraine: the document contains 58 pages is five times more than the draft of the Greeks, and evidence of greater depth of study.

What would the Statute nor was adopted for the Unification Council, as soon as our Church becomes Autocephalous, it will be able at the next Cathedral to cancel the existing Charter and make a new one.

The difficulty is that, as emphasized by Rostislav Pavlenko, “the Tomos of autocephaly needs to be mounted in the Charter,” i.e., the Charter should reflect the norms fixed by Tomos. The document, according to some information written by the eminent Greek Professor of theology by Vlasios Vidacom in may and zarabatyvanie a few months, signed November 29 – simultaneously with the project of the Charter of Pcvo. However, the text of the Tomos is kept in the strictest confidence.

Meanwhile, Tomos of the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Russian Church to change will not. And most Fanara it will have to represent the matter before the Synod, and it may not happen until next year.

Informed source claims that it has acquainted with the text of the Tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and notes that the Phanar has approached to process creatively and spent quite a lot of work.

Contrary to statements by Rostislav Pavlenko that “the text of the Tomos is fairly standard, on the Internet you can find analogs”, the document was not similar to any of the previous Tomasov on autocephaly and contains much that is new.

Among these canonical novels expert familiar with the text of the signed document in the Phanar, said the following.

  • The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine recognized as the head and authority of the Apostolic Throne of Constantinople and is responsible for any violation not only to the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, but to the “Great Council”, which at any moment may be convened by the Ecumenical Patriarch.

  • Metropolitan of Kiev and all of Ukraine is obliged to appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch on all matters of the General Church, the dogmatic and canonical properties.

  • The Exarch and stavropigio remain in Ukraine forever. Moreover, according to the Ecumenical throne enshrines the “inalienable right” to establish new stavropigio “everywhere”, where he wants to.

  • Specifically stated the duty of the Metropolitan of Kiev to Miro that the Universal Church is a testimony to not only a “spiritual unity and warm feelings” to the Mother Church, but also as a symbol of its “canonical authority over the Orthodox”.

  • The new Church will not have the right to Minister to the Ukrainian Diaspora. Its canonical jurisdiction is strictly defined by the borders of the Ukrainian state, and she can’t appoint bishops or to bless the churches outside the country’s borders, “… to her not to go contrary to the canons beyond their bounds”.

  • Any Bishop, priest or even a deacon of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine has the right to appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch. And his decision is not appealable.

  • Metropolitan of Kiev obliged to mention the Ecumenical Patriarch. Recall that the Universal Church is “the commemoration is a sign of obedience.” On this basis, for example, was revoked permission for the consecration of the metropolitans of Kiev, temporarily issued to the Patriarch of Moscow in 1686. Thus, the refusal to commemorate the Patriarch of Constantinople can become a reason for reconsideration of the status of a Local Ukrainian Church and return it in the of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

  • The head of the Church receives the title of “his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine”, and it is expressly prohibited to modify or Supplement this title. For example, it cannot include the names of famous monasteries, as is customary in some Churches, and also the modern title of Patriarch of Kiev.

  • To change the device of the Holy Synod of Constantinople written in the project Charter (elected members from changing during the year) will be impossible. The regulation on election of members that change during the year, stated in the Tomos.

  • For the first time in the history of the Tomos of autocephaly clearly indicated the new head of an Autocephalous Church, where he has to make his first official visit in his new capacity – the so-called “peaceful journey”. Of course, in Constantinople.

  • The Metropolitan of Kiev prohibited from making any changes to the diptych (the order of service) of the Orthodox churches. The Ukrainian Church is bound to accept the diptychs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Still this is never spelled out in Tomasak, and so now in many Churches of the diptychs are distinguished.

  • The refusal of the Patriarch of Moscow to come to the Holy and Great pan-Orthodox Council was apparently taken into account by Patriarch Bartholomew. For the first time in the Tomos of autocephaly for the Primate of the local Church the duty is imposed on all the inter-Orthodox meeting, which convenes the Ecumenical Patriarch.

  • Nothing says that the place of Metropolitan of Kiev in the diptych is the most recent after the Metropolitan of Czech and Slovak, according to the time of receiving autocephaly.


    No matter how humiliating for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church these innovations, their implementation is a necessary condition for the gift of autocephaly. This is clearly stipulated in the Tomos: “In these circumstances, our Holy Great Church of Christ blesses and declares the Orthodox Church in Ukraine Autocephalous”. Violation of any of these conditions will entitle Constantinople to revise Tomos or withdraw it. That the Ecumenical Patriarch has the right to revise Tomasi issued to them, say its officials.

    In Church circles have noted that the signed Patriarch Bartholomew Tomos – shameful and sad result of incompetent operation of the assistants to the President personally, and Rostislav Pavlenko who visited Fanar and supposedly worked on all the texts, together with the staff of the Patriarchate.

    Bank not defended the interests of the Ukrainian Church, but rather brings it under such restrictions that no Autocephalous Church in the world. However, from representatives of the presidential Administration and the Cabinet, sound victoriously reassuring statements, though contradictory. Fortunately, Ukrainians know their price. And unfortunately, resigned to the fact that politicians have little in common with reality.


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