Foreign stars wiped on seeing naked pictures of our beauties: Ukraine can be proud of such “charms”

Quite often you can see news about scantily clad celebrities that attract the attention, exposing to light provocative pictures. But it should be noted that Ukrainian beauties are not worse and sometimes even better. In this collection are such images that blush any:

Olya Polyakova

Nastya Kamensky

Tina Karol

Nadia Dorofeeva

Dasha Astafieva

Ani Lorak

Lesya Nikityuk

Michelle Andrade

Recall, Miley Cyrus exposed nipples in tight turtleneck: too sexy

Famous American singer and actress Miley Cyrus is actively your profile in Instagram, which has nearly 76 million followers. Recently, the celebrity boasted very spicy frame in a revealing black turtleneck. So, the artist completely forgot about the bra, lit up the world ample Breasts.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” Moisture Tina has conquered the imagination of Ukrainians: “the mermaid”

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol often shares with fans on the social network Instagram with new photos and details of creative life. They also have several fan pages of the actress. This time the singer showed a frame from the new clip, which premiered on December 6 on YouTube.

So, in the picture, which appeared in the record of Tina Karol, she poses lying in the clear water, but not immersed in it completely. Her silver-sequined gown that clings to her body, repeating every curve on it. Carol arched her curvy hips, showing off a great tight buttocks. She had her hair untied and thrown into the water, face barely visible natural makeup.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Ana Cheri is infinitely disappoint even the most devoted fans: photo

Famous American photo and fitness model Ana Cheri loves to brag about the perfect body in Instagram. Recently a celebrity advertised your plastic surgeon, who has clearly had too much experimentation on your own face


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