French protests have migrated to new countries, Europe is preparing for a momentous rebellion

The French protest movement of the “yellow jackets” is sweeping across borders, similar demonstrations are planned in neighbouring France, Belgium and the Netherlands. On it informs Agency Associated Press.

It is noteworthy that none of these countries is not proposed to raise the tax on fuel – and it is this decision of the French authorities provoked mass demonstrations and riots in France in recent weeks.

Hundreds of police mobilized Saturday in Brussels. Last week in the Belgian capital, protesters in yellow vests clashed with police and burned two police cars. More than 70 people were arrested.

Of the meetings scheduled in the main institutions of the European Union, which on Saturday closed. Another part – in the Central part of the city.

The protests of “yellow jackets” are also planned in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

In Paris on Saturday to protest began to gather the first “yellow jackets”, the police conduct spot checks, is the first detainees.

French authorities fear a repetition of riots last week in Paris, so took unprecedented security measures – including put on the streets of armored vehicles.

Earlier it was reported that students protested outside the school in the city of Mantes-La-jolie West of Paris, which ended with clashes with police and more than 140 arrests.

They were in full fury from the plans to reform the examination system, which, according to them, will limit opportunities and generate inequalities.

Demonstrations are held on the background of how France is preparing for new protests “yellow jackets.”

According to police, they suspect the arrested students of the school Saint-Exupery of involvement in armed camp”. They also add that he decided to stop the situation “getting out of control,” according to the newspaper Le Monde.

Recall, panic and dread consumed the most romantic city in the world.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” through mass protests in France cancelled football matches of the championship.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the Makron surrendered, the protests in France returned something that failed Ukraine.


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