Frosty Armageddon hurtling towards a critical point: the Ukrainians warned of the serious danger, the element is breaking all records

In late January, Ukraine will be hit by severe frosts with temperatures down to -25 degrees, and large areas of the country will be covered with snow. However, forecasters warned that such weather conditions — not the worst option, because in February to prognostica temperatures of up to -30 degrees.

This information was announced by forecaster Leonid Gorban, reports «Narodnaya Pravda».

Gorban said that in the last days of January will thaw, and the temperature will rise to around +2 degrees Celsius.

The forecaster stressed that until mid-January in fields the weather will be changeable.

«But since January 15, we come to a true winter: the temperature sharply decreases to-15-25 degrees below zero. Cold weather, which will from time to time be accompanied by snow, will last almost until the end of January. A slight thaw is expected in the last days of the month, but the snow completely melted». Leonid Gorban

In addition, the team added that from February 4-5 and up to 20-th of the possible strong frosts before -25-30 degrees. Slight warming, and a thaw will come to Ukraine only after February 25.

«But it will last thaw a couple of days, and in its place will come back cold. Such frosts will persist even in the first week of March, when expected to-7-14 degrees of a frost. In General, winter is shifting as the weather works more in the old style, not new, as we live». Leonid Gorban

We will remindthat on Sunday in most regions of Ukraine will be accompanied by snow, although some parts of the territory it is expected slight warming. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, on Sunday, the Kiev will have a rest from the snow, temperatures from 1 deg to 5 deg.

The weather in Lviv on Sunday will be snowy, the temperature at night — 4 degrees, and in the afternoon the thermometer column can rise to + 1 deg. In luck with a chance of snow, temperature at night – 1 grad + 1 grad.

As reported by the portal «Know.ia», Ukraine is expected to rise in price of products. This time the reason for this is said to be bad weather through which to deliver the products to the stores is very problematic.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote that the representative of the Russian MFA Zakharova, left no doubt about the plans of the Kremlin against Belarus.


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