Generals never dreamed of: viatrovych opened plans in the Donbass, Crimea and Lenin

Volodymyr Viatrovych

After the liberation of territories of Donbass from the Russian occupation of decommunization in the region should be swift and decisive.

This opinion was expressed by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, the historian Vladimir viatrovych.

In addition, the historian noted that at the beginning of de-communization, the majority of Ukrainians also said that this process needs to stretch over many years, because you can’t do it quickly. However, viatrovych added that the speed with which the reforms becomes one of the main factors.

“When we started Pyrrhic victory in Ukraine, we were also told that this process should be stretched for many years, this can not be done quickly. I am a supporter of swift and decisive changes. I am convinced that the speed and determination to ensure the success of reforms. Also convinced that decommunization in the Donbass should occur quickly enough after the liberation of these territories from the Russian occupation,” he said.

He also told me how he sees the future of de-communization temporarily in anacoana Crimea. In particular, viatrovych noted that most objects will be restored to its original Crimean Tatar name, zamysly Soviet.

“Names that must be changed on the territory of Crimea in the framework of the process of de-communization, have been worked out and, moreover, voted in the Parliament but will come into effect after the liberation of Crimea. It’s about seventy-something names, of which a considerable part of which will return historical names, in particular, the historic Crimean Tatar names,” he added.

However, it is worth noting that Ukrainian historian and head of the “Ukrainian Institute of national memory,” Vladimir vyatrovich said, where the Ukrainian government put delmonte monuments to Vladimir Lenin.

Viatrovych believes that a separate “cemetery” for the demolished Lenin does not exist.

“There is no “graveyard”. In fact, the owners of the dismantled monuments are the local communities, and they decide what to do with them next,” Volodymyr viatrovych.

The historian said that some of these monuments “rests” on the territory of individual utilities. For pripuschennymi Vyatrovich, in the future they will give to museums, if they have some artistic value. Another of the attractions will re-melt.

“And subsequently, may of them will make some other monuments”, – Vladimir vyatrovich.

Viatrovych is convinced that some of the monuments will be sold at various auctions.

Recall that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are going to rename.

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