“Glory to Ukraine!” is heard around Donetsk, the militants have eyes twitch

The terrorist so-called “DNR” Eugene Skripnik (Callsign “Prapor”) spoke about the mood of the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass.

According to him, they are “utterly brazen”. This was reported in Twitter, a well-known blogger Necro Mancer, adding a fragment of an interview of the fighter of the Russian propagandists.

The gunman complained that after the “election” for the post of the leader of “DNR” Denis Pushilina in the occupied Donetsk intensified domestic “ukrepi”, which is so shameless that the tram shouting “Glory to Ukraine!”, and taxi drivers are generally hurt “militia”.

Also about the attitudes of ordinary residents of Donbass speaks eloquently phrase expressed by action – “Better a horrible end than horror without end”that really reflects the whole essence of “DNR”.

Watch: militants “DNR” has confirmed that Donetsk is Ukraine. (careful, the video may contain elements of Russian propaganda, solely to confirm)

“Flag”: home dill is quite brazen, in the tram “Glory to Ukraine” shout, taxi drivers members #ROA frankly rude https://t.co/QzD78ZQ6Up #ovce #Donetsk pic.twitter.com/BVKDAM6nfB

— Necro Mancer (@666_mancer) January 13, 2019

It should be noted that the Ukrainians, who for various reasons remained in the temporarily occupied territories, have long understood the true essence of the “Russian world”.

This is evidenced by the fact that in the Donbass has repeatedly raised our state flags: on the roofs of offices, heaps and just in private homes.

For a long time people here can’t get a pension, stand in line for products which are brought mainly from Russia and then – not quite fresh, if not harder.

The General mood speak more eloquently than any confessions, and the Russian propaganda has long since ceased to act on the population.

See: On top of one of the heaps of Donetsk raised the Ukrainian flag

We will remind, it became known about the mass shootings and the activation of militants in the territory of the occupied Donetsk.As reported by “Know.ia” commander OOS told how to stop the army of Putin in the Donbas. Also “Know.ia” for Christmas one of the militants of the terrorist organization “LNB” – 23 – year-old Alexander Balakin committed suicide in the village of bear in the Luhansk region.


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