Google Chrome taught to block annoying ads: what will change

Google plans to apply worldwide requirements of Intrusive online advertising, which now operate in North America and Europe

Senior Director product Chrome said that since 9 July 2019, the browser will block a huge amount of publicity. To install anything not necessary, because the system itself will be responsible for the lock.

However, not all advertising will disappear from the screens of the users. For example, there are pop-UPS, banners, videos, which automatically turns on the sound, large ad units that are impossible to rewind or close. Thus, all dishonest, according to Google, ads will simply disappear from sites. However, the browser will consume more resources of the device is unknown.

The reason for such requirements Chrome was the decision of the Coalition to implement its standards to the whole world, not only in North America and Europe. “The best advertising is a group whose mission is to improve the advertising network. Its standards are based on reviews of more than 66 thousand of users from around the world,” says Mr. Galbraith.

By the way, site owners are advised to review the ads, or the website may lose its users.

Recall that everyone knows that winter is your favorite iPhone off or discharge is easy on the eyes. Moreover, this issue concerns not only the old iPhone, GL and top-end flagships from Apple Corporation. However, there are several simple ways how to avoid it. For example, should wear the device in your pocket, or do not remove the device from the pocket of his jacket. Thus, the device can not be supercooled, being protected from exposure to the cold.

Before Snaige reported that Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi blatantly lied to the fans. It is reported that the Chinese company has introduced the Redmi Note 7, camera which is 48-megapixels. However, as it turned out, this camera does not have as many megapixels, which suggests that the company lied to the fans. It is reported that the device received only 12 MP instead of 48.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the company Xiaomi presented its new console for the TV. The device is able to give any TV brains. The cost of the Mi Box 4 SE is only 28 dollars, which can not but rejoice. Among other things, the device will receive the voice control capability.


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