Google Maps will get a useful feature for traveling: you can do without a guide

Google Maps has begun testing navigation in augmented reality that allows the user through the smartphone screen to see the clues that are literally “floating in the air.” It is worth noting that the feature is available to a limited circle of people, so it is not the fact that the function actually show up in the official build of the program.

The function uses the smartphone camera to the shooting environment, which with the help of artificial intelligence is played in augmented reality on the screen. If you send the smartphone to a certain place you can focus on navigation prompts, accurately and clearly shows the direction. Quite a handy feature for those who like to travel and to do without a guide, relying only on your own smartphone.

The second use of augmented reality is the actual advice of any building or point of interest. Google Maps will connect on your camera location information and will post banners with the inscriptions, where you can learn the history of the place, find a restaurant or Museum, etc. However, the system to work on legacy smartphones – is unknown.

Recall that the digital music service Spotify is planning to block the accounts of millions of users. Apparently, the company does not want users turned on the ad blocker. So, this service involves advertising to users of the free version. It is worth noting that these users are more than million.

Before Snaige reported that Xiaomi company has patented an unusual display that has no cuts or holes in the display. Instead, the two frontal cameras will be placed at the corners of the upper part of the display, and they will look unnoticed.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 again surprised users. It is reported that the new console generation is able to work with projects that were created in previous generations of consoles. This means that the Sony PlayStation 4 can safely throw it out the window.


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