Gordon: Zelensky preparing a real bomb on the 95 Block

President Gordon announced that the next concert «95 Quarter» is sensational, and the news that there will be performed, will put the whole of Ukraine «On the ears». According to Gordon, if suddenly, by some miracle, Petro Poroshenko will take place in the second round of elections, all candidates will move to the side of the candidate who will do everything possible going into the second round, to avoid a «repetition» of Poroshenko as President.

Gordon said that in this background, it is not excluded enterprises Vladimir Zelensky even with Yulia Tymoshenko. The journalist and the businessman is sure that these people will find a compromise around which to unite, because they have a common goal – never allow the presidency Poroshenko.

Dmitry Gordon along with TV interested TV viewers, noting that he has reliable information that at the next concert of the «Studio Quarter 95» NAC Ukrainians will simply «blast», they hear the news that many a shock. The journalist said that he has no right to disclose ahead of time that sensational information, therefore, advises everyone to be patient and see the performance of «kvartalova».


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