Gosh Rubchinskiy caught in a sex scandal with a minor: the dirty details rocked the fashion world

Designer gosh Rubchinskiy accused of pedophilia. This event is expected to be the biggest scandal in 2018 expiring. In Network “lit up” correspondence Rybchinskogo with 16-year-old boy where the boy calls him his idol, but gosh she asks him to send a photo with a bathtub.

This young man wrote on Facebook. Post screenshots of conversations of foreign fashion blogs with a note that Rubchinskiy deleted some messages, which was a clear reference to the fact that pictures in the mirror must be of a sexual nature. In the blogs noted that even in Russia the age of consent is 16, possession of child pornography is banned worldwide.

Recall children rent hourly in Russia made a real Paradise for perverts.

Know.news Agency reported that Moscow under the guise of fashion apparel to offer to the rental children.

Users of social networks drew attention to a suspicious website cpidzhak.ru that was supposedly leased brand clothing for children, but the ads for some reason, most described model.

This is reported by Russian media. It is noted that suspicious website patia one of the users reported about it to journalists.

“I learned about site by chance, with Facebook. The post wrote that the site discovered was a picture with a screenshot of baby clothes. I decided that people are too paranoid and sees pedophiles everywhere. Then he went and was surprised,” – said Sergey.4I only because of the screenshots you can see that actually represented this website.

As you can see, to things that are rented, for some reason there is no description of the clothing. There are pictures of girls with the name and age, as well as the cost for one hour. There are boys, some of them depicted in the photographs in bathing suit and hat, and even this minimum of clothing is not clear, and the camera focus was set explicitly on a child’s face. Moreover, on this website you can find photos completely naked girls on the beach.

We will remind, 28-the summer inhabitant of Kremenchug through social networks, gaining their trust to the children, posing as a girl. As a result, suffered from violence 12 girls aged 9 to 12 years.

As reported by the portal Know.ia the controversial activist was advised to love the pedophiles, claiming that pedophilia is an innate sexual orientation, like heterosexuality.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the father is a pedophile from Berdichev for the enrichment took pictures of his daughter in a pornographic video, and in addition regularly mocked your own child.


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