Groisman suddenly saw that the enemy KOBOLEV: Naftogaz pending verification, but the prices will still raise

Volodymyr Groysman

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that the government will study the proposal of Naftogaz on the extension of powers of Andrey KOBOLEV till 22 Mar 2020.

About it reports «Hvil».

In particular, Groisman said that the government received from the state of the company’s updated proposal to renew the contract of current head Andrew Koballa. He also added that the decision is already being discussed.

«With regard to the Supervisory Board. He made the offer to sign a new contract on new terms, which are quite close to what I needed. This is one of the first adequate proposals that received the government from the Supervisory Board. Going to speak to finalize a decision,» he said.Groisman reporters during his working trip to Kharkov.

In addition Groisman responded to the proposal of Naftogaz not to increase the price of natural gas, noting that the government has sadovogo in offers limited value.

«If Naftogaz will be able to sell cheaper — I support this. If they do, I support this, and forward. But the proposal of Naftogaz could be a trap. They propose to cancel the limit price. If we cancel the limit, tomorrow they will come and say that the price rose should be (for consumers — if) 10 or 11 UAH. I can’t let that happen. We have set a limit of 8.55», he added.

However, it is worth noting that a well-known blogger Michael Schneider protested wage KOBOLEV, which he initiated to pay power.

All this would be Funny if it were not so Sad…
It turns out the loud statements by Groisman on the competition…

Mihail Shnayder Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 12 maart 2019

«It is a loud statement Groisman on the competition for the position of head of «Naftogaz» was only hot air. KOBOLEV not Going to go anywhere. Moreover, the Company’s Supervisory Board already approved the new wage. And now Attention. Under the terms of the contract, Andrew will get more 342 MILLION HRYVNIA IN the YEAR. That’s almost a MILLION HRYVNIA per Day…» — writes the blogger.

Well, of course, expensive car don’t buy, and delicious food isn’t gonna eat itself. And do not care about those families with children], that need help or those pensioners who can barely make ends meet.

We will remind, the oligarch COBOL will climb up to our pockets in the spring.

As reported by «Know.ia» Igor Less called a real salary KOBOLEV.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote that «Naftogaz» has finally put a price Caballo.

Desire, to reduce the salaries of the leadership of «Naftogaz» threatening an international scandal


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