Hackers hack Windows: your data is in the hands of others

Windows 10

Windows discovered the flaw, which allows hackers to take the device of victims under full control. Cybersecurity experts say that such vulnerable already used the entire criminal hacker group.

A zero day exploit aimed at Windows 8 and Windows 10. It should be noted that this vulnerability had allowed hackers to hack into your PC remotely without user knowledge or consent. On the number of affected users have not yet reported.

The researchers assigned a code vulnerability CVE-2019-0797. Microsoft representatives have all the information about it and developed a patch to solve the problem. Let’s hope that new bugs will not appear after the upgrade. Given the record of Microsoft, such an outcome cannot be ruled out.

Group FruityArmor and SandCat are often used in attacks, vulnerabilities in Windows. They usually resort to them for targeted attacks, so that ordinary users have little interest.

Recall that Apple leaked details about the future of the service a week before the presentation. It is reported that this will be a paid service that will allow iPhone owners to receive the newsletter, as well as different magazines. However, whether this feature is relevant now is unknown. Almost all interesting events in the world can be read in the media.

Before Snaige reported that the future GTA 6 is under threat. It is reported that Sony wants to buy the rights to future games from RockStar can redeem Sony to make the game exclusive to the next console Sony PlayStation 5, the output of which is scheduled for 2021.

Know.Eeyore wrote that Oppo has shown the smartphone Reno, who received the top chamber. It is noted, the device is able to shoot with the 10x zoom without loss of quality, and even showed the smartphone in the case. However, not the fact that this is another marketing trap to attract the camera’s attention. Well, let’s see what the device after its release.


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